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Thursday, June 17, 2010

dream come true

So a few weeks ago, I was notified that I was about to realize my life-long dream of becoming a taste tester. Is there a better gig? The good people at Enjoy Life Foods (a company dedicated to making great-tasting, allergen- and gluten-free baked goods, cereals, and snacks) chose me, ME!, to join their taste-testing panel. I was told that I would receive samples of a new product that they were trialing to taste and report my opinion on.

You know what my first assignment was?

DOUBLE CHOCOLATE BROWNIE BITES! Do they know their taste-tester or WHAT?! So the way the REAL taste test worked was simple: I was to sample the three cookies, in order, and separated by sips of water and fill out an on-line survey while I completed the test. It was an easy and delicious assignment, and I was happy to do my part. Really happy. So happy, in fact, that if anyone else has some double chocolate brownie bites for me to taste, I suppose I would be willing to help out again.

So after the taste test, I started thinking......here I have ALL these delicious treats sitting in my pantry. Delicious treats that just so happen to be perfectly safe for my food allergic kiddo.....should I be a good sharer and let Evan play, too? Of course I should. So I set up a Taste Test Challenge for him and two of his cousins. Unfortunately, Evan decided to throw a tantrum and refuse dinner the night of the Challenge, so he had to sit it out. BUT, the next night....he was a happy little guy, so the Taste Test Challenge resumed.

The Samples:

The materials (testing plate and ballot):

The ballot:

Evan was more than happy to help out.

The Taste Test Challenge Begins with a bite of Cookie #1:
Each bite was carefully considered.
The ballot was filled out.
More tasting......
More deliberating.....
More judging....
After all three cookies were sampled, Evan spent several minutes (and required several more bites) deciding which of the three cookies was his favorite.
And finally, though the race was a close one, a winner was chosen:

Lesson Learned:

It was a tough job, but someone had to do it. Enjoy Life Foods, thanks for letting us play!

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