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Thursday, May 27, 2010

we all scream for ice cream!

They make non-dairy ice cream. I can find soy and coconut milk ice cream at my local grocery store. It's pretty good....better when you load it up with some yummy toppings...and of course there's always sorbet for an icy non-dairy treat....but sometimes, you just want a bowl of soft serve. I hadn't even considered the possibility of a smooth, creamy, non-dairy, soft-serve. And then....I found this. This will blow your mind.

There was a recipe for One Ingredient "Ice Cream" posted on the Baby-Led Weaning bulletin board that I read. It's meant for babies--kids who have had the real thing may turn their noses up at it--but my 3-year old LOVED it. My 7-month old *liked* it. He preferred the spoon (it was his first time eating off of one!).

Put away your pens and recipe cards....you won't need 'em.


Blend until creamy.

That's really it! Some people add some liquid to speed up the process (apple juice works well, I've heard), but I didn't and it turned out perfectly. I just needed to poke the chunks with a fork a few times in between blending.

Boys eating ice cream!

Big Boy eating ice cream!

Baby Bird eating ice cream!

Lesson Learned:
Ssssshhhhh! Don't tell them it's healthy!

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