"The most wasted of all days is one without laughter." ~e e cummings

Monday, May 17, 2010

things you know

You know summer is right around the corner when you find yourself licking your arm so as not to waste a drop of that sweet watermelon goodness.

You know it's a serious nap when, in his sleep, your baby smiles, then laughs, then wrinkles up his forehead in an I'm-about-to-cry squinch, and finally drops the chin and lets his mouth just hang wide open.

You know your husband Gets It when he comes home from work, takes a minute to survey the damage of the day written all over your face, and then announces, "You know, I could really go for some take-out tonight."

You know you're a Food Allergy parent when you see your kid put something from the playground into his mouth and you say, "Oh good. It's only sand."

You know it's May, but not yet even June, when the whine du jour becomes, "It's too hot to play outside." And then you also know it's going to be a long, whiny summer.

You know your 3-year old wasn't *quite* ready to wake up from his nap when he comes downstairs whining, "I am NOT going to take a nappy. I jus' too tired to sleep."

You know you're not hiring the contractor that hands you an estimate for your bathroom remodeling project with the word "construction" misspelled in the company logo.

You know you've reached a new low when you use your finger to swipe something brown and mushy off the kitchen chair...and you're *pretty sure* that it's Sunbutter, but just to be sure, You Lick Your Finger. (Um, no. I've never done that....that would be gross.)

You know you used to be a teacher when May rolls in and you get that uncontrollable urge to start packing stuff up and organizing things in closets.

You know you're a Food Allergy parent when you go to Disney World for the food.

You know your baby brother already looks up to you when his eyes get all twinkly, his face breaks into a wide, 2-toothy grin, and he starts wiggling his whole body when he sees you.

You know your big brother already loves you when, even mid-tantrum, he'll stop whatever he's doing if you start to cry just so he can put on his best Make The Baby Laugh routine--and it works every time.

And you know you're one Lucky Mama when your two boys, who have only known each other for seven months, are already Best Buddies.

Lesson Learned:
See that? You're smarter than you think.

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