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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

He Eats!

Max is really figuring out this whole Baby-Led Weaning thing. He's actually EATING now, which is such a neat thing to watch. He knows just what is coming when we start setting the table for meals....and starts to get a little impatient if we aren't fast enough in getting his food on his tray. We offer him food twice a day on most days (banana in the morning and fruit and veggies at night). Some days, if he's antsy to join Evan for lunch, I'll offer him some food mid-day. I'm still not sure how much he's eating...a lot of it ends up in his lap...but he seems satisfied to sit through meals with us and I know it's a process. He's already picking some favorites....sweet potatoes, pears, and broccoli, are established favorites.

I love watching him scan his tray before choosing what to grab. This boy knows what he wants.

He's even had his first picnic! Here's Max eating pears at the Botanical Gardens.

My favorite to watch (but not to clean--ugh!) is broccoli. It's fun to smash and smear...

...until it gets in his eyelashes...

...but just look at that face!

A new favorite is watermelon. He'll eat an entire wedge!! He also loved peaches the one time he tried them. This kid sure is lucky to be starting Baby-Led Weaning at the perfect time of year for super-delicious fruit!

Lesson Learned:
For BLW, patience is key. They'll get the hang of it if you remember to just let them lead the way. AND.....I'm finally seeing the benefit of having an October baby: Sure, it meant that the first four months of his life we were practical shut-ins...but he hit perfect time of year to be starting solids....

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