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Thursday, April 22, 2010

love your mother

I had a really great art project to do with Evan this morning in honor of Earth Day. He flat out refused to participate. Could have had something to do with the fact that Daddy was home this morning, so the only thing on Evan's agenda was: Play Chase Around the House with Daddy. Chase with Daddy always wins.

But here's the idea, in case there are any Earth-lovin' kids out there who CAN be talked into doing a fun art project:

Tie Dye Earth
(idea stolen from one of the brilliant kindergarten teachers I taught with in my former life)

Give your kiddo one round coffee filter and a blue and green marker. Make sure they're washable markers. Color the whole coffee filter in blue and green.....the more color the better. Spray the coffee filter with a spray bottle filled with water and watch as the colors blend together in a really cool tie-dye effect. When it dries, it'll look just like an abstract Earth.

I sure wish I had a tie-dye earth picture to post here.

We have done this project before for different holidays, just by switching up the color markers we use: color the filter with red and pink markers and cut a heart shape out for Valentine's Day. Use pastel markers to cut flowers out of for mother's day cards, etc. Next time he participates, I'll have my camera ready.

Lesson Learned:
So the project was a no-go. We'll celebrate the Earth by playing outside after naps today instead. And then: Breakfast for Dinner! (Um. Just because I could really go for some blueberry pancakes.)

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