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Thursday, April 29, 2010

BLW: an update

We have been BLWing for a few weeks now, so I thought I'd update on Max's progress. I haven't felt the need to update until now because not a lot has changed. He's still in the Playing With Food stage. I think we'll be here for awhile.

We've introduced four foods and Max is definitely picking some faves. Avocado? Not so much. Just a lot of mashing, and when it accidentally gets into his mouth, there's a lot of spitting and Yuck Faces. Maybe he'll be into guacamole like Evan. Food #2 was Sweet Potato. He likes this, but still plays more than eats.
There is spitting, to be sure. This is what he does when he gets a chunk in his mouth. It's a way better anti-choking method than gagging, in my opinion, and way cuter in pictures:

We've also introduced super-ripe pears. He really likes these. They're juicy and sweet, so he gets a good pay-off from just licking and sucking on the pear sticks, and they're easy because I don't have to cook them....soft enough to mash with his gums but won't disintegrate in his little fists. A surprising addition to Max's menu this week was broccoli. He LOVES broccoli. I don't know if it's because the texture is so different from everything else he's eaten...I think it kind of tickles his lips...or because he truly enjoys the taste (weirdo), but he chooses it over pears and sweet potato on his tray.
I'm really enjoying this process. It feels very slow and natural, which is great for this Nervous Mommy of a Food Allergic Kiddo. I don't feel pressure to feed him every day, although he eats "dinner" with us almost every night. We started out like helicopter parents, watching his every move. I think part of what motivated this hovering was interest, I didn't want to miss this huge milestone in his life, but it was also fear. I was paranoid that he would choke, and I thought that if I turned my back for a second he would be purple by the time I looked back. But.....those BLW mommies who came before me were right: He doesn't choke! He spits out any chunks that he doesn't want to gum.
We started to notice, though, that his interest in food was short-lived at each "mealtime." Our Happy to Play with a Bowl and Spoon baby was fussing to get out of his high chair before we had even sat down to eat. I posed the question to the BLW bulletin board and the mommies had me pegged as a helicopter immediately. They suggested that I play it cool. You know, don't act all interested. So I backed off. I put the food on his tray and turned away (halfway. One eye on him all the time, of course...still didn't want to miss a second.).
Tonight at dinner, he "ate" more than ever before. I'm interested to see if this is the new normal; is he going to start really eating? Or was tonight a fluke?
Lesson Learned:
Just one of many times in my life as a Mom of Boys that I'll have to feign disinterest:
"Oh, you're going to prom? With a date? Whatever. I don't care what her name is, or how you asked her, or what she said, or where you're taking her to dinner, or if you're Going Out or just going out, or how long you've liked her, or what she's like, or who her friends are, or if you Like her, Like her............"
Time to start perfecting my super sneaky sideways glance.

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