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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

BLW: The Beginning

A while back, I posted about my interest in an approach to food introduction called Baby-Led Weaning. I was totally committed to the plan, but was going to wait until after Max's 6-month check-up to start. I wanted to run it by his pediatrician (I really trust and respect her opinions, and just wanted an official Green Light) and really, I wanted to take this whole food thing slowly.
But Max has been showing signs of readiness to eat for weeks now (he's constantly grabbing at our food and watching our every move while we eat) and yesterday, he sat up unassisted long enough for me to run and get my iPhone.

Not to mention, tonight we had chicken tacos. Which, in our house, means AVOCADOS. Which just happen to be in season and super delicious right now. And our avocados were perfectly ripe: soft without being mush. The PERFECT first food for Baby-Led Weaning.

So to begin, I put a little schmear of avocado on my finger for him to taste. To let him know what was coming....

Then we put a slice of avocado on his tray. (This is the big difference between traditional "solids" introduction and BLW. Ordinarily, we would have mashed the avocado up and added enough liquid--breastmilk in our case--to let him slurp it off a spoon.) He eyed it for a split second before diving right in.....

...and then he wanted to go in for a closer look.......

....and then he took it upon himself to mash it up.

And smear it around his tray. (And, if you'll notice the chunk next to his ear, on his face.)

And then finally, after getting a good feel for the mush, he made contact with the mouth. And LOVED it!

By the time the avocado reached his mouth, he had done a really good job at mashing it up. I wasn't at all nervous about the risk of choking or gagging, like I thought I might be. He did, once, get a pretty good chunk in there, but instinctively tongued it out of his mouth almost instantly. It was such a normal and natural way to introduce food....I love it! We're going to continue to be pretty conservative about food introduction, given our new family history of food allergies, but I'm super excited to keep this up.

Lesson Learned:

I'll consider this to be Exhibit B in the case for my two boys being polar opposites. And I am LOVING getting to know each of my two little people.

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