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Saturday, April 3, 2010

big boys DON'T cry!

Friday: Night #3

This is, unbelievably, the Final Chapter in the Max: Crying it Out Saga.

There was no crying tonight! None! I nursed him and rocked him while humming our song. He nuzzled into my neck and gave me, what is affectionately referred to around these parts as Tightest Hug. I laid him in his crib, gave a few kisses to my favorite fat cheeks, and walked away. He was an active participant in the process, watching me until the door closed, but did not make a peep. Just curled up onto his side and let his eyelids get heavy.

He did wake up at 9:15 and let out a few yelps, then again at 9:45 and whined and fussed until about 10. He was up again in the middle of the night, between feeding times, to roll around, talk to his snuggle doggie (yes, I know about the no blankets/toys in crib policy, and Yes, Snuggle Doggie is both a blanket AND a toy, but Max is a cuddler and leaving it in the crib was a Mommy Judgment Call), and ultimately whine himself to sleep. But I am Officially Calling this game: Sleep Training Baby #2 is Over.

Lesson Learned:
When it comes to helping your baby learn to sleep, the old (weird) adage: "No guts, no glory" prevails. It's not easy, and it is not the answer for every baby or every parent, but if you find that you have entered the Point of Sleepless Desperation: It may be time to work up the guts to let your baby cry....the glory of a good night's sleep is priceless.

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  1. So proud of you...I remember how difficult this was with both of mine, but am SO happy that I have two children who literally refuse to sleep with me now. Hey, we can't do it right the first time everytime, right?