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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

two BIG steps forward, one teeny tiny step back

So Evan is reacting to something. No, not OVER-reacting to something (like he did this morning when I, gasp, gave him a short-sleeved shirt to wear....the kid does not handle the change in seasons well), but having a reaction to something. I just don't know what. On Monday afternoon I noticed bright red eczema patches under each eye. They looked alarmingly like the bright red eczema patches he gets when he eats barley or cantaloupe....but he hadn't eaten either of those. In fact, he hadn't eaten anything new, really. He had eaten an Enjoy Life caramel apple snack bar for the first time, but he's eaten Enjoy Life products (which are all free of the Top 8 and barley) since he was first diagnosed with allergies and has never had a problem. The only *new* ingredient in the caramel apple variety is "natural caramel flavoring," which seems pretty benign, to me.

So Monday. Evan ate a caramel apple snack bar. Then, we spent the morning at the playground (thank god we are FINALLY out of hibernation). When he woke up from nap with his raccoon eyes, I figured it was from something he came into physical contact with at the playground. (You know: kid eats goldfish crackers, kid touches monkey bars, Evan touches monkey bars, Evan gets hives.) But his contact reactions have always been hives...eczema comes from ingestion, typically. Hmmmmmmm.
Tuesday morning. I gave Evan another snack bar. I know, I know. But I didn't know. We spent the morning at the zoo (again: THANK GOD for beautiful weather, FINALLY!). Evan had a great time watching the tigers,

and the lions,

and feeding the giraffes.

and the goats,

and riding on the carosel "awl by mysewf."

Max had fun, too.

So we got home from the zoo, went right down for naps (obviously), and he woke up with more raccoon eyes. The patches had never really gone away, but by Tuesday morning (pre-bar) had faded to light pink and bumpy. After nap, they were pretty angry looking.
Wednesday, they still looked pretty nasty (we even got a few "What's wrong with your kid?" looks at gym class. Ugh.). So I'm going to stop giving the kid caramel apple snack bars (obviously), and if the eczema goes away, I'll assume he's allergic to "natural caramel flavoring." If not, I'll assume he's allergic to having fun outside in beautiful weather.
Lesson Learned:
Sure hope it's the caramel!

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