"The most wasted of all days is one without laughter." ~e e cummings

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

on top of the hill

I didn't get carded at the grocery store yesterday. The check-out girl--child, really--didn't even glance in my direction as she swiped the wine bottle across the scanner.

Yes, I'm 30...but the sign on the cash register clearly states: "If you look younger than 27, we will ask to see identification." Really? I look older than 27? I thought I had that cute, perky, 25ish look about me.

I know...it wasn't me. It was the toddler in the car cart and the baby in the Bjorn, right? You cute, perky, 20-something clerk.......

Or maybe it was the groceries themselves: No one in their early- to mid-20s buys butternut squash and Froot Loops at the same time, do they?

Or wait..... was it the "I was up every hour-and-a-half nursing my starving baby last night" under-eye circles?

Oh god. Don't tell me it was my new Mom Haircut--courtesy of the hormonal havoc Pregnancy #2 wreaked on my poor 'do.

You know what, Little Miss Check-Out? It doesn't matter. I'm proud to be 30. I'm in a good place for 30.

Just next time, ask to see the card, okay hun?

Lesson Learned:
I didn't do my hair, but at least I wasn't in a baseball cap and sweats.

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