"The most wasted of all days is one without laughter." ~e e cummings

Sunday, March 28, 2010

manly men

I'm not a girly girl. I'm not into shoes or purses. I don't know how to *really* put on make-up and "doing my hair" doesn't involve anything more than a blowdryer and a ponytail holder. I buy my clothes at Target and find them to be perfectly fashionable.

But I'm still a girl, and now more than ever, I'm Totally Outnumbered at home. It's four-to-one if you count the dog (which I don't; he's a 90-lb. chocolate lab, so in my opinion, he's a Farm Animal that's lucky enough to live indoors).

But my boys are little and snuggly and love their mama, so I never really felt like the odd "man" out. Until a few weeks ago. I came home from, appropriately, a Southern Living party to find my Three Boys sitting on the couch together watching a show called, I think, "Ax Men." It's a little boy's dream: Men. With Tools. And BIG Trucks. Doing Manly things like chopping down trees and spitting. There's cursing, too, so luckily Daddy had thought to mute the show and narrate.

All three of them were captivated and it took several, "Hi, guys! I'm home!"'s to elicit even a glance in my direction. It was at the commercial break, when I finally garnered their attention, that I realized a change had occurred. My Boys had become Men: Evan showed me that his Daddy had taught him how to make a Man Sound. (This is not going to translate well in print.) It's a rough grunt, like HUH HUH. I seem to picture Tim Allen from the show "Home Improvement" when they make this sound.

Anyway. So here are my Three Men watching Ax Men and grunting. I wanted to join the fun so I tried to mimic their Man Sounds. It came out sort of like, "Ho Ho Ho!" And The Men just laughed at me. I was out of the loop.

Over the past few weeks, the grunting has continued and accompanies any "Man Work" that Evan and Daddy do around the house and yard: changing air filters, vacuuming, digging big holes for my new plants, going under the house to turn on the irrigation system, patching and repainting nail holes in the wall, or taking out the garbage. You see, it doesn't matter what the Man Work is, it's just fun for Evan to be doing chores with his daddy: just the Guys.

The other day at lunch, Evan took a bite, and said in his very best Man Voice, "Huh Huh, We're eatin' strawberries. Huh Huh." I love My Men.

Lesson Learned:
It's only a matter a time before the belching contests begin.

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