"The most wasted of all days is one without laughter." ~e e cummings

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

luck o' the irish

We love St. Patrick's Day around here.

Maybe it's because I'm about half-Irish (I know, I know, everyone is today, but I really am. There's even a pub with my maiden name in Dublin.). Or maybe it's because it's such an "easy" holiday...you don't have to spend a lot, or plan a lot, or travel a lot...while still having that magical allure. Whatever the reason, we Do St. Patrick's Day. We decorate:

We make Shamrock cookies:

The leprechauns come and fill our shoes with treats or small gifts (in this case, some books I got for free with my Kohl's cash and some lollipops and candy with green wrappers that we had tucked away in our pantry).

This year, we even decided to capitalize on Evan's love of all things pureed and make Leprechaun Smoothies. Ingredients:

1 banana, sliced then frozen
Handful of green grapes, frozen
1 kiwi, peeled and cut
1 handful of spinach (call them leprechaun greens if that helps)
1 8-oz. cup of lime yogurt (we used lemon, couldn't find lime)
1/4 cup frozen concentrated limeade

Blend, and enjoy!


  1. This looks very fun and festive. But grapes in smoothies? Interesting. I love that you put spinach in!

  2. I know, right! But it was deLICious!! Try it :)