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Sunday, March 7, 2010

defense mechanism

I'm pretty sure my Big Boy, Evan, thinks he's a Tween. Technically, he's not even three, but he's got the habits and the 'tude down. He stays up way too late, he's mastered my iPhone, he's embarrassed by my singing ("Mom. Don't sing that song. Please."), he's always hungry ("Mom. My belly is saying 'Feed me!'"), and he can fall asleep in any position, at any time. Well, technically, he's not really sleeping. But he's pretty good at faking it. And isn't that what real tweens do, anyway? They're not really sleeping in until 2 in the afternoon....I'm pretty sure they're texting, skyping, and just plain avoiding you.

So, the falling asleep on cue.

He doesn't fake sleep in the morning, when we would all appreciate a little sleep, fake or otherwise....he fakes sleep when he's being "corrected," or when he's told "No," or when he's asked to do something he doesn't want to do. Here's what happened when I told him to "Smile for the camera."

The other morning at breakfast, I was singing Zippity Do Da. It's a good morning song, I thought. But apparently, I am Such a Dork.

Me: Zippity do DA, zippity A...my oh MY what a WONderful DAY!

Evan: Mom. Stop singing that song.


Evan: honk--shoooooooooo (fake snoring)

Me: Wake up, sleepy head!

Evan: (eyes still closed) You need to ring the doorbell.

Me: ding dong

Evan: honk--shooooooooooo


Evan: (eyes open) sssshhhhhhh. I'm sleeping.

Me: shrug (turn to the baby, who still thinks I'm funny and cool) Hi, sweet love!

Max: coos, smiles, and other cute baby things

Evan: Are you finally done singing, Mom? Then I can wake up now.

Lesson Learned:

Wow. Is THAT kid gonna be fun a decade from now or WHAT?

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  1. Oh, Evan :) And, Sarah, I love this because it feels like you are actually right next to me telling me the story. Love it!!!