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Saturday, March 20, 2010

cold feet

Have you ever heard of a Binky Bear? It's for binky addicts. It's an intervention, of sorts. Here's how it works: You take your preschool junkie and their stash to Build-A-Bear Workshop. Before you fill your kid's bear/dog/cat/bunny/duck with stuffing, you put the binkies in the paws/ears/feet/whatever. When the animal is stuffed, your kid can still get a little binky fix by feeling the tips of the paws, but the oral habit is effectively broken.

My sister told me about the Binky Bear. As soon as I heard about it, I knew it was the method for us. My binky boy has been addicted since Night #1 in the hospital. I was all for it. And still am. I sucked my thumb until an embarrassing age, so I figured an oral fixation was a likelihood for my kids...and a binky is a whole heckuva lot easier to get rid of than a thumb. But he's almost three, shouldn't he be about done with the binky by now? So we introduced the concept of Binky Bear to Evan when we were outside a Build-A-Bear at the mall a few months ago. We even went inside and showed him how it would work. (I'm pretty sure he has no idea that you can make a Bear sans Binky....) We talked about it when we got home that day and he said, "I wanna make a Binky Kitty!" (Kitty? Oh well, hooray!) "......when I'm big." (Oh.) So we didn't make a big deal about it but continued to mention it here and there.

Fast forward to two weeks ago. Maybe it was because I could feel the change in seasons approaching (spring has a way of motivating me to do what should have been done all winter)....maybe it was because I started making party plans for his THIRD birthday that will be here before we know it....maybe it was because I work better under deadlines....Whatever the reason, I suddenly decided that we needed to set a date for this Binky Intervention, so March 20 it was.

For the past two weeks, we've talked about Binky Bear (I mean, kitty.) a LOT. We've talked about the process ("And I get to press the pedal!"), we've talked about the result ("I'll still get to feel the binkies in kitty's paws!"), we've talked about the other results ("....but I won't get to put it in my mouth."), and he seemed FINE with it. He even dropped the "when I'm big" stipulation. We made plans to spend the day at an outdoor mall near us...we'd make his Binky Kitty, watch the train, throw coins in the fountain, and go out to eat. It would be a great day.

Thursday, March 18. Two days before the intervention and I started to worry. We're already struggling with naptimes...isn't taking the binky going to just make it worse? He's not ready to give up the nap--I'M not ready to give up the nap! At bedtime, he lays awake in bed for up to 2 HOURS after we tuck him in. I think it's the binky that keeps him IN the bed....what happens when the anchor's gone? The binky stays in his bed and he only has it at nap and nighttime.... that's not so terrible, right? It's not like he's walking around Target with it. He's not even THREE yet! He's still so LITTLE! My BABY! It would be cruel, HEARTLESS to take away what soothes him!!!

Friday, March 19. Total cold feet. The mission has been aborted and we are not to mention the Binky Kitty again until a later date, as yet TBD.

Saturday, March 20. We did go to the mall. We did watch the train, throw pennies into the fountain, and eat lunch at a restaurant. We did NOT make a Binky Kitty. But it was still a great day.

Lesson Learned:

I can't even imagine how hard the night before the first day of school is going to be.....for me.

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