"The most wasted of all days is one without laughter." ~e e cummings

Friday, March 12, 2010

being little

You know how now, as an adult, if you're lying in bed, under the covers, reading a book and you hear a truck drive by....and you really want to see that truck drive by....it's pretty easy to jump out of bed and hop on over to the window and fling the curtain to the side....and you're pretty much guaranteed to see that truck drive by?

Well, it wasn't always that simple.

When you were not-quite-three and you were lying in bed, under the covers, reading a book, and you heard a truck drive by, first you would look up at your mommy and say, "Mommy! I hear a truck!" Then your mommy would have said, "You're right, honey, I hear it too!" And then you would have said, "I wanna go see that truck!" Then you would have carefully put your sippy cup on the nightstand and pushed the covers off your legs. But the covers wouldn't have come all the way off your foot the first time you tried, so you would have had to push them off with your other foot.

Once you were out from under the covers, you would have wanted to get down from the bed. So you would have flipped on over to your tummy and reached your little feet down to the floor. Then, you would have started over to the window, but you would have realized that your sock had twisted and it felt funny on your foot, so you would have bent down to straighten it out. Once it felt better, you'd continue on your way to the window. You'd fling the curtain out of the way, but it would have wrapped up around you a little bit. So you would have laughed, because that was Really Silly.

Then, you would take the curtain with two hands and slide it out of the way. By the time you reached the windowsill and pressed your little nose up to the glass, the truck would have, of course, been long gone.

But you would have turned around to your mommy with a Giant Grin on your face and said, "Mommy! I bet that was a Really Big Steamroller that just drove by!" And your mommy would have said, "Maybe, sweetie." And then you would have started back to the bed saying, "Or maybe it was a stinky garbage truck! Or a log loader truck! Or a BIIIIIGGGGG LOOONNNNNNGG hook and ladder FIRE TRUCK!!"

And in the end, it was even more exciting that you didn't get to see the boring old delivery truck at all...but instead got to imagine all the wonderful possibilities of what maybe just drove down your street.

Lesson Learned:
Wouldn't it be great if, in some ways, we never really grew up?


  1. Sarah, I love your blog! You are a fantastic writer, and your stories about your boys make me excited to experience motherhood myself someday. :) -Michelle (France) Rose

  2. THANKS, Michelle! Motherhood really is better, harder, funnier, and more fulfilling than your wildest imagination could prepare you for... can't wait for you to join us on this side! :)